December 10th to 19th, 2013 // 5pm-5am

Up for a little over a week, 'Video Pop-Up' is an exhibition of video work from around the country, culled together by SVMA's Admin and Technology Manager, Flynn O'Brien.

Featured Artists include:
Jeremy Eichenbaum []
Flynn O'Brien []
Ellen Lake - []
Alexandria McCrosky []
Dave Greber []
David Webber []

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art
6pm--6am // March 8th--13th, 2014

Up for a little over a week, 'Processing Pop--Up' is an exhibition of interactive artwork created by Caitlin Denny and Flynn O'Brien using the open-source software - processing.

This is the second Digital Pop-Up exhibition that the museum has hosted.

The Exhibition reception will be held Saturday, March 8th, from 7--8pm.