Eastside, Long Beach Three Panel Inkjet Print 6.5' x 9.5' 2007 detail detail

Eastside, Long Beach is a map I made in 2007 of the "Eastside", a neighborhood in Long Beach, California, measuring nearly 3 square miles. I lived in the "Eastside" for most of the two and a half years that I lived in Long Beach and attended Long Beach State University.
I made the map by walking every side of every street and, with the camera at chest level and pointed away from the street and toward the buildings/houses, made an exposure every-other step. Every block is represented as one image, consisting of however many steps it took me to traverse it. Each image is oriented on the map in the direction I walked it. So a block walked North to South would be viewed upside-down from a block walked South to North. The map was made in the night hours over the course of a few Autumn months. What stands out most are the lights that decorate businesses and households. The viewer is then able to use the map as a star chart of signage to orient one's self in the landscape.

(Shown below: A draft of how I put together 10th St. through Anaheim St.)