Irish Channel, New Orleans was a series I created while in grad school at Tulane and living in the Irish Channel neighborhood of New Orleans. My wife and I moved there a week before the the 5-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I say that because we were very aware that we were transplants in the community. As an artist that uses photography, I didn't want to create work that 'other-ized' the community. Instead, I did my best to document the neighborhood through the experiences of the community members.

The Process was driven by my interest in working collaboratively with the people that lived in the Irish Channel. I started by walking around the neighborhood, interviewing people, and asking them what were important personal spaces in the neighborhood. The spaces that I photographed were the spaces of the people that lived in that neighborhood. The final images are built on top of a single photograph of each space and contain hundreds of photographs, layered on top of one another.